The Message of the Founder;

As a raw material, polyurathane is a material commonly used in many sectors and side fields in the world, it is very practical, high strength, with a wide product range and easy labour. To incorporate this material to construction sector and to invest in it has required courage and knowledge above all. Instead of manifecturing casually like other manifecturers, we believed that it will make us a more permanent company in the sector to carry out influential Works with very special products. With this idea, we have composed a very experienced staff and after serious laboratory studies and long term Re-De terms we entered into the sector as the first and only manifecturer in the framework of our own rote and lines.

Our investments are based on human and Re-De and in the point we have reached, I believe we are in the place we deserve in the sector with our conscious and ability level. In this context, it also honours me having made a serious investment to Turkish economy and construction sector with a cost-efficient, high resistant and enviromentally friendly product with the know-how we have.

Our staff and the investments we have is such as to take us far ahead and contribute to the sector and the economy for long years. Being the founder of Decopol Inc. and to reach the current knowledge level with this product is not a success story but a partially completed journey for me.

In this context, as well as being a duty fullfiled in order to contribute to the world's and our countries economy as a individual and a citizen, it is my purpose to sustain this duty and to be in the leader position as a company which is more contemporary and progressive with real seriousness.

This awareness of purpose and duty has started with me and has passed to all our staff and our partners in the same way and it has developed a concept of duty in all of us. Our partners and customers, with our staff , make our last users enjoy a scientific, economical and decorative product.

With our economic and scientific contribution and our work mentality and disciplineDECOPOL will continue its existence as a genuine value and as a brand and label all of us carry with honour.

Best Regards,